TechCity Bowl Announces the Addition of its New QUBICA Scoring System!

TechCity Bowl in Kirkland Wa. Is proud to announce the Installation of its new state of the art AMF QUBICA scoring system. This system is the first of its kind and offers over 30 interactive environments and on-lane games for adults, teens, children, league bowlers, and families. The BES system offers amazing multimedia with 2- and 3D visuals that rival today’s top video games and feature-length films. BES also comes with 18 dynamic themed environments and 17 exciting on-lane games, a spare-finder on-lane tutorial and 6 classic games, plus Poker, Red Pin and Lucky Train. Another industry first, is our new On-Lane Redemption. On-Lane Redemption is linked up with the bowling game scoring events (strikes, spares, converted splits, etc.) and dispenses tickets to purchase prizes from as small as candy to as large as XBOX games and Remote control vehicles. The same tickets that our Arcade and Challenge games use so you can really start to rack up those points. Along with that, we have upgraded to the new Trouble Call System (TCS) a sophisticated high-speed solution for keeping your mechanic, front desk and players fully informed in real time. TCS instantly notifies the front desk and your mechanic when pin-spotter problems occur, and updates bowlers through overhead monitors, keeping them informed through entertaining animations until it’s time to bowl again. TCS automatically sends an error code to their wireless handset, identifying the lane and the issue, with all the control functions available including pin-spotter cycle and reset.

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